As you might imagine, this week is one of the second busiest travel times of the year, just behind the days leading up to Christmas.

However, according to some homebound travelers, it was smooth sailing all the way at the Corpus Christi International Airport on Wednesday.

"Oh, I am blessed to have to deal with this airport than Hartsfield Jackson," said Kimberly Frazier, who was heading home to visit her mother. "It's madness. Madness."

"It's easy getting out of here," said John Silvestro, also heading home to see family. "Tiny airport. Getting through security takes ten minutes, and you're out and ready to go."

Officials with the airport say they expect it to pick up a little, but they expect all arrivals and departures to be on time. However, the Corpus Christi International Airport wants to remind everyone that, if your planning to fly, it's always a good idea to check the status of your flight ahead of time.

Also, try not to bring wrapped gifts onboard with you.

"You know, if you're going to take gifts to your family, it's better to take them unwrapped," CCIA Marketing Manager Kim Bridger said. "TSA might have to unwrap it."

Also, you should arrive at the airport at least an hour and a half early; and remember the 3-1-1 rule, which only allows you to carry on liquids, lotions or gels under three ounces, and only if they are placed in a small Ziploc baggie.