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How Alice ISD is preparing to help students adjust being back in the classroom

"We're all doing what we can for our community to make sure we get through this rough patch." Said Laurie Lerma, Alice ISD Director of Advanced Academics.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected us all in every facet of life. It has certainly hit our educational system hard.

3News Nora Perez spoke to one local school district about the support they have in place when kids go back to class.

The school shutdown and distance learning situations have made educators hyper aware of the challenges  they face when the move back into the classroom. Alice ISD Superintendent Dr. Carl Scarbrough says his team is ready. 

"We know they will have varying needs as they come in." Said Dr. Scarbrough. 

Laurie Lerma, Director of Advanced Academics for the district says continuing to reach out to students and families throughout the shutdown has been key. 

"The counselors have been manning chat line since the beginning to keep in touch with our students and take care of their needs, first and foremost." Said Lerma. 

Nadia Moreno is a social worker with Alice ISD who says recognizing that kids are also dealing with stressors that have nothing to do with school is also very important.

"We have families right now that have lost their jobs, and so we're there to help support, finding community resources for electricity, food, unemployment, things like that." Said Moreno.

Fawn Colburn a therapist with Bayview Behavioral Hospital says understanding what kids can and cannot handle is essential for educators and families. 

"It really can help people map out warning signs, so that they're able to access coping strategies or reach out for help sooner." Said Colburn.

Alice ISD is working together to keep kids healthy, mentally and physically. 

"We're all doing what we can for our community to make sure we get through this rough patch." Said Lerma.