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Big Bang Celebration postponed after scrutiny, concern for public health

“In order to protect out friends and neighbors, we need to postpone the fireworks.” said Mayor Joe McComb.


Due to the increase of COVID-19 cases the Big Bang Firework show is being postponed.

“In order to protect out friends and neighbors, we need to postpone the fireworks.” said Mayor Joe McComb. 

Mayor McComb saying they are looking for alternative dates, but a date has not been decided on. 


With COVID-19 cases on the rise, this year's Fourth of July celebrations are looking a lot different.

In Kingsville, the city has changed their annual Fourth of July celebration to a virtual only event.

Meanwhile, people living in Corpus Christi are wondering what our elected officials have planned when it comes to the annual Mayor's big bang celebration.

“Certainly, this is not a time to throw a party, postpone public gatherings and avoid places where a lot of people congregate, curbside and takeout is a good option right now,” said Chris Bird of Nueces County task force.

While many experts continue to emphasize the importance of staying home and avoiding large gatherings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

As of now, events and celebrations are still scheduled here in the Coastal Bend including the Mayor's big bang celebration.

“The Fourth of July fireworks celebration on a modified scale is still on,” Mayor McComb said.

However, Mayor McComb and others say plans could change.

“That may change in the next day or two, we're going to have a discussion because the governor according to his order has reduced public gatherings,” said Mayor McComb.

This is a result of Governor Greg Abbott giving mayors and county judges the ability to restrict outdoor gatherings of over 100 people.

“I’m already asking our county attorney to prepare those orders so we can take advantage of the opportunity our governor has given us,” said Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales.

According to Nueces County Judge Barbara Canales future gatherings in Nueces County could become limited or cancelled in order to work towards stopping the spread of COVID-19.

“I can assure you if a decision is to postpone it, we will have a firework display sometime this summer. Whether it’s the Fourth of July or we'll move it to Labor Day, or we'll just have a fireworks holiday because its fireworks and people love it,” said Mayor McComb.

Mayor McComb says for those wondering about the upcoming Fourth of July Big Bang event not to worry. McComb says if it doesn’t happen now, he'll be sure it happens at some point.