It is one of the area's biggest Thanksgiving dinners. Hundreds of people came out to take part of the 69th annual Joe Salem Dinner.

The Boys and Girls Club on Greenwood was turned into a huge lunchroom, honoring the legacy of the former state representative and businessman who believed that people with the financial means should pay something back.

The event depends on dozens of volunteers.

"Oh, it's been awesome," volunteer Thomas Sawyer said. "I think everybody is really enjoying it. Everybody is eating a lot of food. There are a lot of special people here helping out and giving gifts and toys. I think it's a real good turnout."

"It's very important. There a lot of people that don't have anything," said Laticia, who attended the event. "They can come over here and join everybody here."

It is estimated that almost 700 people took part in Thursday's lunch.