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Ingleside community church offers 'adulting 101' classes

Those who attend will learn a variety skills such as: how to change a tire, how to budget, and how to vote.

Community members in Ingleside are promoting 'adult skills,' centered around the teens in their town.

"How about if we do this tire changing for 13 to 19 year-olds to, you know, hit the high school kids," said Gail Danforth, the pastor at Ingleside United Methodist Church.

It started as an idea and has developed an official start date. Danforth said the new adulting 101 classes will offer skills not being taught in traditional classrooms.

"We are planning to have some classes, possibly in the area of budgeting, we have a lady that wants to come and talk to kids and show them how you actually would vote," said Danforth.

She said the teens who attend will also connect with others and hopefully see there is more to their church than sitting in a pew.

"Churches aren't all just about coming in, be quiet, sit down and listen to the pastor, there's more that they can find at a church. There are fun places and fun ways to learn life skills that will be needed," said Danforth.

The classes are for anyone between 13 and 19-years-old and will take place at Ingleside Methodist Church.

"Hopefully, they'll learn a few things that they're not learning at home or in a school setting," said Danforth.

Registration forms for the classes are here.