In Port Aransas, an injured pelican has found a new home after a worker at a local marina rescued the bird and nursed him back to health. That was three months ago, and since then, the pelican who's been named Pete has not left the side of his new best friend. Bill Churchwell reports.

Richard Dunn, a dock worker at the Island Moorings Marina in Port Aransas says it was three months ago when he first met Pete the Pelican. He was hurt and needed help.

Dunn said, "I saw him and had a hook in his breast. It was stuck in his wing. I caught him with the net and took the hook out." He thought the bird would have flown away, but the next day Pete was back, and they've been best friends ever since. You could say the pelican has adopted the dock worker. Pete goes wherever Richard goes, eating out of his hands, and even riding in a golf cart. Pete won't walk up to just anyone, he's flies away from strangers, but not Richard. Their new found friendship has visitors at the marina doing a double take.

Mike Casey said, "he's just like a dog! He comes when he wants food. He lets Richard pet him, put his hands in his mouth, but he doesn't bite him. It's pretty cool." Pete has quite the fan club now. You could say he's a new mascot of sorts at the marina. Pete comes and goes as he pleases, but he always comes back. He roams the docks in search of the person who saved his life.