There are plenty of questions surrounding a scholarship fund that was set up in Sinton in honor of a local Marine who was killed in Afghanistan in the summer of 2011.

The fund was set up to honor 22-year old Corporal Mark Goyet, but now questions have been raised about just who received scholarships, and also where the money is. Thousands of dollars could be missing.

The San Patricio County District Attorney has launched an investigation into the management of the fund, and the father of the fallen Marine says he and his wife do not want their son's name associated with the scholarship fund.

"Our expectations were that the majority of the money would be awarded to Sinton High School graduates," said Ray Goyet, father of Mark Goyet. "When we learned, among other things, that the scholarships would go to a graduates outside of Sinton High School, we requested that our son's name be removed from any scholarship award."

"This money was set aside to honor his son, who died in service to our country, and it's only right that we get him the answers that a father deserves," San Patricio District Attorney Michael Welborn said.

Welborn said he has brought in the Texas Rangers to assist in the investigation, adding that there may be as much as $10,000 missing from the fund. He said it could be foul play at work, or just mismanagement.

On Monday, 3News tried to speak with the woman in charge of the fund, Donna Thomas. She declined to comment on camera.

"It was for a good cause, and if the money's supposed to go to the students, that's where it should have gone, and if it's there, if it's not there, where is it?" said Sonia Lopez of the Sinton Independent School District.

Welborn said the investigation will simply follow the money trail, find out how the money was spent and why. He said that it looks like it will be a paper chase, tracing funds going in and out of a bank account.

Meanwhile, Thomas says the truth will come out, and she denies any wrongdoing, saying that she is still in charge of the scholarship fund and that there's $10,000 still in the fund that has been switched to another bank.