An investigation is underway in Laredo into serious allegations of an inappropriate relationship that may have led to the suicide of a 16-year old male.

The Webb County Sheriff's Department is looking into allegations that a female high school teacher had an inappropriate relationship with 16-year old Oscar Cruz Ramos. Part of their investigation is to see whether that relationship could have played a role Ramos' suicide.

A funeral for the late 16-year old was held Monday in Mirando City, which is about 25 miles northwest of Hebbronville.

"Everybody knows each other," said Cristina Cruz Ramos, Oscar's older sister. "That's why we had a lot of people, and we thank everybody for going, and we're just going to miss him, and we just have to be strong."

"He was a good kid. He was outgoing," said Julio Cruz Ramos, Oscar's older brother. "He liked to play sports and draw, and he would play soccer with us, too, on the weekends."

A gathering was held at the family's convenience store, where Oscar spent a lot of his time after school. Family members wore t-shirts in loving memory of Oscar. They also showed photos of the 16-year old, and some of his artwork.

Family members said Oscar's brother and mother found him in the bathroom Wednesday night, after he had hanged himself.

Oscar was a freshman at Bruni High School. The teacher in question has reportedly been suspended pending the investigation.

"If there was a teacher that have had some kind of a relationship with any of our students, can you imagine the past students, how many have been abused?" said Salvador Johnson, a close friend of Oscar. "How many of today's kids, that we have today, how many have been abused too?"