The parents of a nine-month old infant are grieving after waking up Sunday morning to horrible discovery.

Police and medical crews were called to the Lexington Square Apartments on the 3100 block of Barness Drive early Sunday morning. Police said the infant apparently suffocated after rolling under one of the parents while sleeping in their bed.

The baby, Matthew Dominic Lerma, was rushed to Driscoll Children's Hospital, where officers say the infant was confirmed dead.

Police said that, after an investigation, the District Attorney's Office will decide the next step.

"It is still an investigation that our detectives are going to look through thoroughly," said Captain Mike Alaniz of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Not only are they going to look through it, they're going to contact CPS to see if there's been any prior history of that residence and or of the parents, and then they'll get with the District Attorney's Office and try to see if they will pursue any type of charges against one or both of the parents."

A detective said that it appears to have been an accident, and no one has been arrested.

According to a neighbor, the couple had only recently moved into the apartment.

The funeral home is accepting donations to help cover costs for the infant's funeral. If you would like to donate, you can click here.