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Is there a new pandemic brewing in China on top of our current state?

There could be a new swine flu worrying scientists called 'G4'.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — 2020 really doesn't know how to read a room. Researchers say a new strain of the swine flu has been detected in china.

Local expert Dr. Salim Surani warned that since the virus has already increased in human infections, it could also possibly spark a new pandemic.

"This virus has the capacity to go from the swine to the human; it can also bind to a receptor and enter the human body or it has the potential to go into your lung and cause a disease as the other viral infection like COVID," Dr. Surani said.

This is not to cause panic. Dr. Surani mentioned that those who did catch the new virus -- a certain percentage were immune to it.

Dr. Surani added that it is not an immediate threat, and researchers will continue to keep on eye it.

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