When it comes to healthy living, you have to start young, according to medical experts. Here's how some Coastal Bend children are learning to combine exercise and healthy eating.

More than a dozen students at Corpus Christi's Latchkey Youth program are learning how small changes to their diet can sustain a longer, healthier and more enjoyable life.

Eight-year old Charlie Moreno is learning how routine exercise can yield the same results.

"The more interactive we can make it, the better," said Dr. Eric Baggerman, a pediatrician at Driscoll Children's Hospital. "The more hands on."

Baggerman said his group is tasked with finding creative ways to eat healthy and work out.

"The more they're doing it, they're answering questions and asking questions," Baggerman said, adding that diet is one of the biggest challenges, especially since so many of us live in a fast food world.

"One thing we love to teach is convenient healthy food," Baggerman said. You should fill up on veggies, proteins, fruits and grains.

The concept is not foreign, says parent Esmerelda Garcia.

At the end of the day, health experts say do not be afraid to let your child experiment with different food combinations. Oftentimes, you can discover a tasty original recipe you can share for generations to come.