Nearly 44 million Americans are hitting the road this Thanksgiving holiday. With millions hitting the roadways and flying by air, it's important to fuel up with the proper food.

Registered Dietitian Amy Jamieson-Petonic said there is no need to leave your diet at a rest stop or check it with your bags. Eat healthy on the fly by going "whole."

"So, when I say go 'whole,' I'm talking about 100-percent whole grain rolls or whole grain toast," Jamieson-Petonic said. "If you're traveling in the morning, definitely try for whole grain toast. If you're having a sandwich, try having a 100-percent whole grain bun."

Jamieson-Petonic said it is a great source of dietary fiber, and should keep your energy levels stable, adding that you should pack fruits and vegetables in a cooler while on long drives.

Go Mediterranean. The diet is filled with low-fat foods like fish, salads and whole-wheat pastas.

If you are not certain where to cut back, Jamieson-Petonic says to go "naked."

"Try to avoid the mayonnaise, and the cheeses, and the creamy, goopy sauces, or the really heavy salad dressings," she said. "Try to get a salad with a vinaigrette dressing on the side, and for a sandwich, instead of mayonnaise, use mustard."

Jamieson-Petonic said that, if flying, eat a piece of fruit before passing through security, and then eat a high fiber bar or granola before boarding the plane.

If all else fails, the dietitian said that drinking plenty of water can curb appetites until you reach your final destination.