With flu season at our doorstep, it is best to be on the defense.

Flu shots are no fun, especially for children. Vaccinations are proven to be the best defense against the influenza virus.

Dr. Camille Sabella treats pediatric infectious diseases at Cleveland Clinic, and said some kids have the option of avoiding a shot altogether.

"We do now have a nasal mist spray that can be used, and that form is routinely recommended, or can be given to any child two years of age and older, who is otherwise healthy," Sabella said.

Sabella said FluMist is made with live influenza viruses, but they are weakened and will not actually give your child the flu. Typically, the only side-effect your child may experience is a runny nose.

She also said most kids tolerate the flu shot and any side-effects are mild.

"You may have some pain, some swelling at the sight of the injection, and maybe feeling a little tired for about 24 hours after," Sabella said. "But that is really the extent of the side-effects that we see."

Sabella said both forms are safe and effective, but if your child has an egg allergy, you should talk to your pediatrician first before getting your child vaccinated.