A Jim Wells County Sheriff's deputy found $75,000 worth of pot hidden inside a toolbox in the back of a pickup truck Sunday afternoon.

The jaws of life had to be used to open the compartment, but once they got it open, they found several bundles of marijuana.

The Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department said that this is why they train their officers to know what to look for, and if something looks out of place, to do further inspection; and that is what happened in this situation.

It was Deputy Edward Sanchez that made the stop Sunday afternoon, just south of Ben Bolt.

According to Captain Brandon Torres, Sanchez pulled over a Dodge pickup for a traffic violation, and noticed that the driver, 27-year old Alejandro Ledezma, was acting nervous. Sanchez also noticed that the toolbox on the pickup looked unusual. It had some welding done on it, and Sanchez began to search. When he opened the toolbox, he noticed it had a false compartment.

"It wouldn't go all the way to the bottom," Torres said. "You can tell there was a void there. What they did, they welded the compartment into the toolbox. They raised the bottom portion of it, so with that, in noticing the stuff that was done to it, he believed there was contraband inside the toolbox."

The Sheriff's Department said the driver and registered owner of the truck, Alejandro Ledezma, is from Mission, Texas. He told the officers he was on his way to Corpus Christi to work for a paving company.

Ledezma faces a felony charge of possession of marijuana. His bond is set at $50,000.

The Sheriff's Department said this is becoming a trend, where people try to move drugs on weekends and holidays, falsely thinking that authorities are taking those days off and aren't on the roads; but in fact, they are.