About 70 people from around the Coastal Bend, including students from John Paul II High School, will be going on a pilgrimage to Rome in April to witness the canonization of the school's namesake, Pope John Paul II.

On Tuesday, two more people will find out if they will get to go on the trip of a lifetime, and 3News will be going Live from John Paul II High School at 6 p.m. to draw the winner of the two round-trip tickets to Rome.

Those lucky enough to see history in the making will depart on their pilgrimage on Tuesday, April 23. Along with seeing the canonization of Pope John Paul II -- which takes place on April 27 and will be one of the first done by Pope Francis at the Vatican -- they will also be visiting sites such as Pompeii and the Roman Coliseum.

Along with the students and families who are paying their way to go on the trip, as well as those from around the Coastal Bend and the Diocese of Corpus Christi who are going, an anonymous donor also made it possible for two John Paul II seniors, Cameron Galvan and Michael Lira, to go on the trip as well.

"I've never even been out of Texas. I've never been on a plane. So I'm so excited," Galvan said. "Especially to go to a place with so much history, where politics and government first began. It's mind blowing."

"I've only been out of Texas once or twice, and to be able to go oversees and experience the canonization of our namesake, and represent the first graduating class of Saint John Paul II High School, it really is a blessing," Lira said.

If you want to toss your name into the raffle, you still have time. You can go by John Paul II High School anytime during the day Tuesday to purchase a raffle ticket.