The story was splashed across headlines all over the country when a seven-year old video of a local court at law judge beating his then teen daughter was made public.

Now one year later, the Texas Supreme Court has lifted the suspension of Aransas County Court at Law Judge William Adams, saying that he can return to the bench.

As you might imagine, it is not the outcome his daughter Hillary had hoped for.

"Our law system is actually allowing a child abuser to judge child abusers," Hillary said via telephone. "They're allowing it to continue in our family law system, after being provided with video evidence he's not fit to be near family law system. It is sick and disgusting."

The video, recorded in 2004 when Hillary was 16 years old, has racked up more than seven million views on YouTube. When asked why she decided to upload it, she said she simply wanted an apology from her father, and for him to realize what he had done. She said she never intended for it to blow up like it did.

While she is disappointed in the outcome, Hillary said she and her mother are moving forward and hope some good will come out of this. They have started a Web site and scholarship program for victims of abuse.

Judge Adams was suspended with pay since November of 2011. The Texas Supreme Court decision will allow him to return to the bench immediately.

Adams has was not available for comment on Wednesday.