Closing arguments in the manslaughter trial of 31-year old David Alvarez began in the Nueces County Courthouse at around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, with prosecutors and defense attorneys squaring off with their own versions of the events that led to the death of 25-year old Aaron Juarez.

It was in June of 2013 in the parking lot of the Whataburger at Cimarron and Saratoga when Alvarez allegedly punched and killed Juarez following a dispute stemming from a dinged car door.

During Tuesday's closing arguments, prosecutors told jurors that eyewitnesses and good samaritans all told the same story -- that they were in the Whataburger drive-thru when they saw the confrontation and called 911. Prosecutors also said that the assault was the result of a night of drinking by the defendant and his friends, and that Alvarez was called out of the fast food restaurant by a friend during the dispute in the parking lot, and that Alvarez hit Juarez with such force that it caused him to fall and hit his head, cracking his skull.

Prosecutors added that, just because a person's car door gets dinged, it's no reason to get physical and take someone's life.

Defense attorneys countered, saying that just because two people get into an altercation, it does not mean that the person who received the most injuries was not the initial aggressor. They also said that the punch was not what killed Juarez, but the fact that he hit his head on the concrete, adding that Alvarez did not intend to kill anyone -- it was just a fight.

The defense also said that Juarez struck Alvarez first, while Alvarez was trying to break up a fight between Juarez and another individual, and that the defendant struck back in self defense.

Closing arguments continued until close to 1 p.m. when they broke for lunch. They will reconvene at 1:30 p.m. 3News will keep you updated.