One of the alleged kidnappers in the abduction of an 11-year old girl made his first court appearance on Wednesday, asking that his $1 million bond be reduced.

All three suspects in the abduction case are being held on $1 million bonds. On Wednesday, Eric Dimick asked the judge to lower his bond amount. His request was denied.

"We are asking the court to consider the other purposes of setting a bond," Prosecutor Kim Gonzalez said. "One of which is the safety of the community, and the safety of the children in our community. Based on the courts and based on the facts of this investigation, this was a random act, a child, an 11-year old girl, that these boys did not know. This is a child that was walking on our streets. Walking. Walking her dog, enjoying the night, not thinking anything like this would ever happen.".

Kiii News Reporter Jessica James went Live from the Nueces County Courthouse with the latest on the hearing.