A Kingsville couple believes someone tried to kill them by setting their house on fire.

3 News Report Michael Gibson went to Kingsville to meet Elizabeth Jones and her husband in front of their burned out home. Both convinced they were targeted by someone.

Elizabeth Jones, home was destroyed in the fire, says, "We're sure of it, we're sure someone tried to kill us and burn our house down and they succeeded at burning our house down."

Last Saturday, the couple says they were awakened by smoke in their home in the 900 block of West Lee Avenue in Kingsville. Within minutes, the house went up in flames.

Several of their pets died in the fire and they lost nearly everything they owned. They say their mailman, who lives nearby, told them he saw someone running down the street on the morning of the fire, just minutes before fire crews showed up.

"I was getting ready to place a lawsuit against the city," says Elizabeth.

That was because she says the city came by her house and removed items from her yard and garage because the place was considered an eyesore. That was the only incident or problem the couple say they've had over the past few years.

3 News made repeated attempts to contact the Kingsville Fire Chief and Fire Marshall but still have not heard anything about the arson claim. The couple does claim that the fire department is looking into the possibility that the fire was a case of arson.