For the first time since September of 2010, Lake Corpus Christi in Mathis may soon be at full capacity, and that could happen in less than a week's time.

Thanks to recent rains, the lake will be seeing a significant increase day by day, with the flood wave from the Nueces River already reaching the lake.

As of now, the lake is at 84.1 feet right now -- up 3.8 feet from October 14. The lake could be at full capacity, which is 94 feet, by next Monday or Tuesday.

Inflows may be so great that some of the water may have to be release so that the integrity of the Wesley Seale Dam is not compromised.

"If you look back at the dam, you can see the white rock area there. That's about 10 feet, and that's about where they're predicting we're going to end up at by Monday or Tuesday. So that's a huge amount. 10 feet or more," said David Lozano, work coordinator of the Wesley Seale Dam. "Our capacity is 94 feet, so if we're at 94 feet and we're still seeing a lot of inflows from the Nueces River, our only choice would be to release to make room for the water, and hopefully end up at about 94 feet when it's all said and done."

Because of the predicted elevation of the lake levels, the boat ramp at Sunrise Beach may be opened back up early next week.