December is supposed to be a happy time of year. For Leslie Morin's two children, it's a painful reminder that their mother isn't here to celebrate with them.

Morin, 31, was shot and killed last December by her husband, Jose Gonzales last December. Gonzales, who is a former Alice Police Officer, is serving a life sentence for Leslie's murder.

Their two children: Amber, 14 and Dominic, 9, are trying to make the most of Christmas. They're being raised by their grandmother, Diana Gonzalez. Gonzalez still owes the funeral home more than $7,500 for her daughter's services. The family receives money from the crime victim's fund, but it's only $95 per month.

Gonzalez went back to work full-time when the kids moved in, but says it's still a struggle to make ends meet. Days before Christmas, there are no presents under the tree.

Amber, just like any other teenager likes clothes, accessories and the latest gadgets. Dominic loves Legos, Hot Wheels, dinosaurs and baseball.

To help the family, you can contact Diana directly at: 361-688-9357.