Despite being relieved that a deal was finally reached to end the partial government shutdown, members of some local unions say they are still nervous about the next deadline.

Members of the local American Federation of Government Employees, or AFGE, rallied outside the gates of Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi Friday. Their message to Congressman Blake Farenthold and Texas Senator Ted Cruz -- yes, they're back at work now, but they're concerned they could be furloughed again in just a couple of months, and they want some assurance that their job's are secure.

"Ted Cruz has already said, come January 15, if they don't get what they're asking, they don't care if the government employee is furloughed again," AFGE President Joe A. Gonzalez said. "Enough is enough. We sent them up there for a purpose, and that is to do a job."

The union also set up a toll-free line encouraging fellow members to call their representatives and voice their concerns. That number is 1-888-775-3148.