The Corpus Christi Chamber of Commerce brought together business owners to talk about the proposed street user fee Thursday at Rudy's BBQ.

"What people don't know is that it's, I'm going to pay $7, my street will get fixed, that's not true," business owner Debi Book said. "Only main arteries and only if your streets are in bad shape."

Book said that when the first proposed fee came out, she was told her business would have to pay $600 a month, money she said would sink her business.

Dozens of folks packed Rudy's BBQ for the, throwing out ideas on how to better handle fixing our streets.

"There should be a fee that should be so reasonable that it does not wipe anyone out," said Andy Taubman, owner of several properties. "We say range to $84-$100 a year for a business."

There is a local group of business owners who are trying to come up with what they call a fair fee. They can be reached through email at

City Council is expected to take a second vote on the street user fee in a few months.