A local task force revealed its recommendations Monday on how to make the windstorm insurance system more fair. State Representative Todd Hunter said he plans to present the proposal to fellow lawmakers.

Folks living along the Texas coastline have endured a nearly 50-percent hike in their windstorm insurance rates over the last 10 years. The new plan would have property owners in the 14-county coastal area pay a little extra to create a fund that could provide up to $7 billion for coastal disasters.

"We feel like that's a fair plan for everybody on the Texas coast, as well as the State of Texas," said Charlie Zahn, chairman of the Coastal Task Force. "And the big difference is that we on the Texas coast are going to assess ourselves to pay for a portion of a catastrophic loss, and then we're going to have a statewide assessment for the entire state to pay for a portion of it."

The plan calls for a 3.9-percent increase in premiums. For a $150,000 home, it would mean about $42 more per year.