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'He blew me away': South Texas 13-year-old becomes radio station DJ

The program director for Wild 105.5 and The Beach 96.5 in Corpus Christi says she couldn't believe Sebastian Sandoval's skill set at the young age of thirteen.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Wild 105.5's newest radio DJ is in middle school. His name is Sebastian Sandoval, also known as DJ Zibas. He's been perfecting his craft as a mixer for the past seven years.

Program Director for Wild 105.5 and The Beach 96.5 Angel Dee said she couldn't believe his skillset at the young age of 13.

“He came in, and he blew me away," she said. "If we can't support our local people, who can?"

Talent Scout Javo G believes DJ Zibas is a star in the making.

"His presence, his professionalism, this guy is someone you want to look out for," he said.

DJ Zibas is a master mixer. He loves feeling the excitement and adrenaline rush listening to music with his peers.

"You're playing music that's pulling from you and they like it," he said. "Or either someone else's. But you enjoy it too. So you're feeling what they feel." 

Sandoval's mother, Ileana Camacho is proud of what her son has been able to accomplish. She said, "When he was six years old, that's when he started getting into it. When he turned 8, he asked for a mixer."

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But how did Sandoval land the Wednesday spot as WILD 105.5's DJ? Well, he asked the DJ at his school dance.

"I was like, it would be cool for me to DJ to my friends and the other people at my school," Sandoval said. "So I went to ask for permission, 'could I DJ?' They said, 'yeah' but they didn't expect me to actually do it."

That DJ was none other than Javo G, who sees himself in Sandoval.

"27 years ago I was let into the radio industry by Carlos Lopez," he said. "He gave me the same opportunity. I remember going up to him and saying, 'how can I do, what you do?' So you know, meeting Zibas was seeing myself 27 years ago."  

Angel Dee couldn't pass up on this opportunity to give DJ Zibas exposure.

"If we don't uplift our children in the community, like what is the whole point of being here," Dee said. "We have a platform, we need positivity."

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