June 2012- Mollie Olgin and Kristene Chapa enjoyed a date night at Violet Andrews Park in Portland. But that would be their last memory together.

Late that night the two were sexually assaulted and then shot in the head by a man and left to die. Mollie didn't make it...Kristene was barely alive when found the next morning.

Eight months later Kristene spoke out, lucky she was able to talk at all.

"I felt lonely...there were times I'd cry my mom to sleep she had to hold me," said Kristene in 2013. "Mollie was unique, amazing, loving...I miss her so much words cannot describe how much I miss her."

That fateful night was the beginning of a long journey towards identifying a suspect. But two years later a break in the case...27-year-old David Strickland was arrested for capital murder in June of 2014. His trial was set to start in 2015 and his attorney was ready for the high profile case in April of last year.

"He's in good spirits and we anticipate to present a strong defense in this case." said John Gilmore, David Strickland's attorney back in 2015.

And that same month, Kristene started to make significant improvement after extensive therapy and rehabilitation. She was able to get a new device called a sabo to give her hand new movement.

"It helps me open up my fingers and I'm able to grip a ball," said Chapa.

And in May last year Kristene was invited to speak at the GLAAD awards in New York City.

"My mom has been with me every step of the way, when I had gone missing that night I was supposed to come home we had plans the next day give blood and I ended up the one who needed blood," said Kristene in her speech that night.

But as Kristene made tremendous progress, the trial did not. In July of 2015 the Chapa family found out it would be pushed back to 2016. They were understandably upset, the waiting game taking a toll on them all.

"Its very frustrating, because we've been waiting so long and we want this to go to trial. Kristine needs closure," said Alma Lopez, her aunt at a court hearing in 2015.

Then in May of 2016 a date was set, this September would mark the start of David Strickland's murder trial. This Monday he will face a judge and jury. After four years Kristene Chapa will finally start a new chapter in her harrowing story...one of closure and justice.