CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An acute care hospital in Corpus Christi could be forced to close its doors soon and put more than 200 employees out of work.

They said it's all a result of increasing government regulations that are taking away the hospital's ability to make a profit. They are now left trying to find a way to stay open.

The Post Acute Medical Specialty Hospital is located in the 6200 block of Saratoga Boulevard. It has 74 beds for those with severe injuries that require 24/7 medical professionals -- professionals that could soon be looking for a new job.

Post Acute Medical said new regulations require their patients to have spent at least three midnights in a hospital and 96 hours on a ventilator.

Post Acute Medical said without their facility, their patients may not have anywhere else to go.

"I mean it's very difficult to find out where these patients would be treated," Chief Strategy Officer Lisa Maclean said. "You know, would they just have to stay in an acute care hospital?"

Maclean said there are several other requirements that have been put in place making it hard to remain open. She said they are working with the landlord to keep their doors open, and should have more details in a couple of weeks.

If a solution is not found, Post Acute Medical believes the changes could take place toward the end of April.

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