CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Located at 1602 South Church Street in Rockport, the new Saltgrass Landing Apartments are expected to be a monumental development for the area.

The Texas General Land Office was able to give the builders $7.6 million to build the 50-unit structure. President and CEO of the Texas Housing Foundation Mark Mayfield said this property differs from the rest of his projects. 

"Well it means a lot but this one has a little extra meaning because of the storm," he said.

Mayfield and his team have built other properties throughout the state. He hopes these apartments will bring back a workforce to fill and boost businesses throughout the area. The housing will be for low to medium income families. 

"It's your economic development backbone and supports the tourism industry that is so vital to this area," Mayfield said. 

As the Rockport-Fulton area recovers from Hurricane Harvey, businesses continue to be built but people are needed to fill the open positions.

"We're just grateful that some people have taken the interest to be here, we've had a lot who tried to do this, and now we've had one looks successful," Mayor of Fulton, Jimmy Kendrick said. 

Brittany Eck with the Texas General Land Office said they worked closely with everyone involved to make sure the funds are maximized and handled properly.

"It's really exciting because that is actually quicker than a rehab, to be able to do a new construction and have a fresh slate to start with," she said. 

Although the complex is in Rockport, Mayor Kendrick believes it will also help people in his town.

"Fulton supports the city of Rockport in getting this new complex, it makes a difference it brings children back for our schools too we've lost so many kids out of our school district; we're all one and that's the important part," he said.

Construction is expected to start in September, Mayfield said they hope to have tenants moving in by the middle of 2020.

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