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#AfterHarvey: A KVUE Live Doc | What do we know 6 months later?

Six months later, how far have we come after the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey on the state of Texas?

Bri Perry, Albert Ramon, Ashley Goudeau, Jason Puckett, Kris Betts, Shawn Clynch, Terri Gruca, Chelsea Cunningham

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Published: 2/28/2018 11:47:02 PM
Updated: 6:40 PM CST March 2, 2018

Gov. Greg Abbott declared 60 Texas counties disaster areas after Hurricane Harvey ripped through Southeast Texas in late August 2017.

Piles of debris still sit outside Rockport, Texas. The city's mayor said every business that reopens get its own ceremony complete with a ribbon cutting.

From afar, homes in Houston look peaceful again: the flood line no longer visible on the brick. Up close, many of them are still empty, gutted out and left with the support beams standing.

In La Grange, the mobile home park near the Colorado River looks like it did two days after hurricane Harvey hit. Personal belongings are sitting under the weight of what's left of homes.

While progress has been made, KVUE found the need for help is still large, and thousands of families are still living in hotels or transitional housing.

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