On Saturday, "alt-right" posters were removed from the Texas A&M University Corpus Christi campus.

Students and staff took down as many as 30 posters which included terms like "Rape-U-Gees not welcome" and "no more foreign invaders."

University staff believed they were put up after hours Friday night but it wasn't until the next morning that most noticed.

Images of the posters circulated social media which caused further outrage in the community.

Members of civil rights groups like the local chapter of the Brown Berets said they were sickened when they saw the posters.

"Calling them rape-u-gees, are not welcome, these border Stormers and their calling people foreign invaders," Esperanza Tomeo, a Carnalismo Brown Beret, said. "And when you make mention of things like this. You say things like illegal or invaders, it brings out a connotation that starts to perpetuate hate."

In a press release, TAMUCC said the posters didn't contain a treat and were not obscene so no laws were broken. But, the people who posted the signs did not get permission from the school which violates university policy.

Anyone who sees any future suspicious activity on campus is asked to call police.

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