CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — On March 26, 1948, 700 Mexican American veterans led by Dr. Hector P. Garcia met in Corpus Christi and formed the American GI Forum, which was devoted to securing equal rights for Hispanics.

The American GI Forum also supports United States Veterans of all wars and their families. 

Members of the American GI Forum want people to know that they're always willing to give people a helping hand.

"We want them to know one thing and one thing only. Is that we'll always be here. I try to keep the legacy alive by hosting annual events during national Hispanic heritage where we live up to our motto "education is our freedom and freedom should be everybody's business," said Patsy Vazquez-Cantes, past national chairwoman for American GI Forum of the U.S.

In April, there will be a board of directors meeting in Corpus Christi at Radisson Hotel on North Beach where both local and national legacies of the American GI Forum will be honored. A panel of women will talk about their roles and how the forum has inspired them. 

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