CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Texas Department of Transportation launched their annual Click It or Ticket campaign Wednesday at Veterans Memorial High School in Corpus Christi.

The idea is to raise awareness about the importance of wearing seat belts.

High schoolers were invited to see a reenactment of a deadly crash from two years ago that took the life of a young woman named Kailee, who unbuckled her seat belt to take a selfie just moments before getting into an accident that ultimately ended her life.

Kailee's parents were part of Wednesday's campaign event, showing students what can happen inside a car as it rolls over in mid-air.

"The seat belts, people don't realize how much they actually are made to work and they won't wear their seat belts because they are uncomfortable or because they might want to lay down, or they get in the way," Veterans Memorial High School Senior Caitlyn Christinna said. "And so it's important they actually know there is a reason behind why they are there and they are there to help keep us safe."

As part of the campaign, law officers around the state will increase their efforts to ticket drivers and even passengers who are not wearing seat belts.