BEEVILLE, Texas — A Beeville Police Department K-9 unit is a bit safer now thanks to some new gear -- specifically a $1,700 bulletproof vest.

Kajo has been with the Beeville Police Department for three years. He suits up like any other officer, and that involves putting on a bulletproof vest. However, instead of making him more equipped for the job his previous vest limited his movement.

At least, until an anonymous donor called the department to ask how to donate to their K-9 unit in some way. Officer Chris Haller suggested the new vest.

"They made a vest that allow the dogs to have a free range of motion," Haller said. "It doesn't hamper their abilities as much as the old vest."

Haller said he is incredibly thankful for the donation, especially since the price tag was $1,700.

"That's a lot of money, and for you to just donate that kind of money shows true compassion for animals and also the police department," Haller said.

Haller said with the old vest, Kajo's discomfort was visible. Now, he is ready for action.