It was back in April of last year when the Texas State Aquarium experienced a sudden and unusual fish mortality. It was later discovered that a mislabeled chemical was at fault, and on Thursday, the Aquarium announced that they have won the lawsuit against Fishman Chemical, LLC.

U.S. District Judge Hilda G. Tagle ruled in favor of the Aquarium on Sept. 22, ordering Fishman Chemical to pay in excess of $1 million.

It was April 15, 2015, the morning after the fish mortality, when 3News confirmed that all of the animals inside of the Islands of Steel exhibit tank at the Texas State Aquarium, with the exception of two, were dead. Aquarium representatives said they were trying to treat a parasite that they had detected in the tank, but when they added medicine to the water it caused a bad reaction in the animals.

Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc. Analytical Laboratories later confirmed that the medicine, which was shipped in a container labeled trichlorfon, was actually hydroquinone.

Trichlorfon is a pharmaceutical that is used to treat fish parasites. Hydroquinone is an industrial chemical used in film processing and as a stabilizer for paint and motor fuels.

Experts concluded that the incident directly resulted from the mislabeling of the container of chemical from supplier Fishman Chemical.