ARANSAS PASS, Texas — The Aransas Pass Fire Department is currently undergoing some training and testing out new protective gear which will help combat the spread of the coronavirus.

First responders and firefighters are taking extra precautions when responding to emergency calls throughout the Coastal Bend area.

This training comes just as a group of Corpus Christi Firefighters will be quarantined until April 2 after a service call put them in contact with a patient who eventually tested positive for COVID-19. 

According to Nueces County Commissioner, Carol Vaughn, the CCFD firefighters came into contact with the patient for a congestive heart failure call back on March 19. 

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A few days later, a test revealed the congestive heart failure patient had coronavirus and Vaughn says ever since then, the six firefighters who responded to that call have been under quarantine.

By firefighters taking extra steps towards a new effort to wear protective gear, it will limit the chance of spreading germs when coming in contact with people who may be infected with COVID-19 as they respond to emergency calls. 

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