Several residents living in Aransas Pass' public housing have been asked to leave their home, and many are not sure why.

Even though Aransas Pass did suffer significant damage during Hurricane Harvey there are several homes that are still intact and seemingly untouched, like most of the homes in the housing authority community; but even though that may be the case, residents are still being told to leave.

"They have not walked through with me or anything," one resident said. "Nobody has contacted me through the office and walked through it or anything like that."

"We haven't even had a like, I don't even know if he's licensed or not, someone to come inspect the unit," another resident said.

Sylvia Gonzales with the Public Housing Authority said that is not true. They are following federal guidelines to ensure the safety of their residents, and while the homes are being inspected, the tenants must be relocated.

However, options for relocation are limited in places like Corpus Christi, Sinton or the Valler, and most of the tenants have jobs in Aransas Pass.

The residents said they have voiced their concerns to management and have not heard back, but Gonzales said she has not heard from anyone and said she has communicated clearly why they must relocate.

For the time being, tenants are scrambling to find a place to stay that's affordable in town. Gonzales said she would be glad to help them find a new temporary home until the housing authority is safe to open.

Gonzales added that although there may be no visible damage, there is a huge possibility for mold to be growing inside the walls, which must be properly removed by a licensed contractor.