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Coastal Bend pharmacies experience supply shortages in flu medication

Dr. Salim Surani, Pulmonologist in Corpus Christi, said that viral infections are common this time of year.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — During the peak of cold, flu season and another covid-19 surge -- it could be harder to find exactly what you need - to feel better at your local drugstore or pharmacy.

Pharmacies across the nation are struggling to keep over the counter flu medicine on their shelves. here's what one pharmacist says you can do to protect your health.

Kelby Gorman is the lead pharmacist at Moore's Compounding Pharmacy has been a pharmacist for over 29 years. He said with COVID-19 cases, the common cold, and the flu all on the rise this time of year, keeping the shelves stocked has become a challenge.

There's definitely a high high demand across the Country," Kelby said. "For things like Vitamin C and keratin. We're getting calls all the time for those kinds of things."

Kelby added that he has had to keep a consistent eye on what products he is able to sale. With this thought in mind Kelby said that prevention is the key to handling ones health. 

"We have taken high quality supplement companies, taken their ingredients and put them together in specialized packs that make it more effective and easier for people to take," Kelby said. 

Dr. Salim Surani, Pulmonologist in Corpus Christi, said that viral infections are common this time of year, but that the newest coronavirus variant presents an even larger challenge for medication.

"And since Omicron is spreading like fire everywhere, so people are getting mild symptoms and they're trying to preemptively stock it up and also use it at the earliest time," Surani said.

Similar to last year when stores were running low on toilet paper, Surani advises against hoarding medications. 

What you have to try to do – try to be considerate," Surani said. "The supply will keep on coming in.

According to Surani using home remedies is still an effective way to take care of symptoms as you wait for medicine shelves to restock. 

The turmeric, the honey, the Vicks, you have Vitamin C, the orange juice, those are some of the other factors you can use," Surani said. 

Both health experts agree that the best way to prevent getting sick is making sure your immune system is strong. 

"Nutritional health is the security system essentially for your body. its protective in nature," Kelby said. 

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