CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Corpus Christi International Airport staff helped rescue a baby locked in a car. 

Airport officials said around 7 a.m they responded to a woman who had accidentally locked her keys in the trunk of her car.

The woman left her one-year-old baby still in her car seat. 

A locksmith arrived at to the scene quickly, and the baby was able to get out just fine.

According to John Hyland, chief of airport public safety, he is glad the incident happened in the early morning hours when things are still cool outside.

Hyland took the opportunity to remind folks to be careful- even when they're in a rush.

"Try not to be distracted -- some people will leave a backpack or something in the backseat, so they ya know don't forget that the child is there. In this case, mom was in full control the whole time," Hyland said. "It wasn't a case of leaving the child. It was accidentally locking the keys in the trunk which happens to all of us now and again."

From the time the initial call was made to when the baby was taken out, it was a total of about 20 minutes.

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