SAN PATRICIO COUNTY, Texas — April is known as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, and 3News looked at child abuse cases in San Patricio County, where authorities say the numbers are rising.

According to the San Patricio County Welfare Board, 230 children were reported as abused or neglected in the county in 2018, out of the over 66,000 children statewide.

With the help of the Children's Advocacy Center and other organizations, the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office hosts meetings each month to discuss the issue of child abuse. Sheriff Oscar Rivera said participation and support is always a great thing to have to help the children.

"Many children go to school, and the teachers are pretty proactive with that. They see marks on children, they see their reactions in class, and that makes a big difference," Rivera said. 

According to the Sheriff's Office, child abuse cases can stem from a variety of situations, including custodial issues among parents.

If you need to report a child abuse case, you're asked to contact the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office at 361-364-9600 or contact the Child Protective Services hotline at 1-800-252-5400.