The recent reduction in jail overcrowding is said to be the result of an experimental project that gives inmates accused of relatively minor offenses a chance to be released on personal bonds.

Judges are said to be pleased with the results and so is the Sheriff.

Kiii Anchor Rudy Trevino reports it's a different story for the people who operate bail bond companies.

Warren Alkek owns and operates a handful of bail bond companies in South Texas.

He agrees with the idea of bonding out low risk, indigent and non-violent offenders, but he has other concerns.

Alkek thinks when you get into felonies, thefts and robberies, it becomes a problem.

He said, "Some of the bondable people that are in there, families don't want them out. They don't want them out because they're a problem to the community".

Judge Sandra Watts said, "They want to make the money off the bond."

If the state isn't prepared to go to trial after 90 days, the law requires that a judge bond out an inmate.