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Banquete FFA members continue family traditions of raising livestock

16-year-old Hunter Fox's family has cared for livestock for three generations.

BANQUETE, Texas — Two students representing Banquete FFA show off their livestock Friday morning at the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show. 16-year-old Hunter Fox's family has cared for livestock for three generations.

"Most people nowadays are second or third generation," Fox told 3NEWS. "It's always nice when you meet someone who is a first generation, because they're totally different from you."

The 2023 Nueces County Junior Livestock Show was the first time the Banquete student worked with cattle. For Friday's showcase, Fox showed off two-year-old Pumpkin, who is three months bred. 

"It's been a real fun time, working with her." Fox also told us he learned a lot from his sister and her boyfriend, as well as learning on his own.

"One of the big problems I ended up facing whenever I did it was, I didn't know what I was doing and I didn't know how to set the legs, make her look effeminate because that is one of the things they want in the ring. I didn't know how to do that. I had a lot of help from my sister because she has shown heifers."

Fox also said working with the cattle helped teach him responsibility.  He also emphasized the importance of keeping animals calm. "At the end of the day, you can have the best heifer the best goat, the best lamb, the best pig, the best whatever. As long as you are able to keep it calm. If you don't keep it calm, it's just going to run around in the ring."

Another FFA student participating in showing livestock Friday, was Bailey Nobels. The 17-year-old showed market steer and a breeding heifer.

"I am looking forward to getting into the ring myself. that is one of my favorite places. It's with heifers and steers. Friday morning is what i am looking forward to the most."

Nobels' grandfather had judged cattle in the past at A&M. Although she is participating in the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show, she is also planning on showing livestock in San Antonio and Houston. 

"At the county level, you can participate and take them to any major shows that they qualify for. They will be going to San Antonio and Houston to compete with some of the bigger folks up there."

Nobel also told 3NEWS the challenges she will face in the bigger cities. 

"It's tough. There’s a lot of big timers who really know what they are doing and really participate in it year round. It is always fun to compete against and learn from some of the bigger guys."

That is not the only feat for the Banquete High School junior. She participated in the queens contest for a third year, and hopes to participate in the contest for her senior year.

Nobel says a big part in caring for livestock, is their diet. "Their diet does take a big part in the way their muscles grow and how their top and their racks grow. Their diet is definitely number one in the way they get ready."


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