BEEVILLE, Texas (Kiii News) — Parents are raising concerns after a student took an orange plastic toy gun to a Beeville ISD elementary school Wednesday and allegedly threatened fellow students with it.

The district posted a since deleted statement on Facebook notifying parents that the child was disciplined. An email was also sent to parents from FMC Elementary School Principal Anita Taylor saying there was no immediate threat of danger, but that the student involved will be facing criminal charges.

Some parents said criminal charges are a little overboard.

Gracie Riley saw the email that had been sent out Wednesday evening, but it wasn't until her son told her details of the incident that she became outraged.

"Pointing it at kids' heads saying that he was going to blow their brains out," Wiley said.

The letter from the principal doesn't describe the exact details of the incident, but did say that students were not in any immediate danger and that Beeville ISD police began a full investigation. They will be pursuing not only disciplinary action but criminal charges.

"I mean if they're concerned about a threat, and there's actually not a credible threat, I mean they could do a psychological evaluation," parent Joey Dehart said. "I mean, but criminal charges is just insane."

Dehart's son was home sick that day, but after what happened he plans to transfer him.

"This overreaction is more of a threat than a child with a toy gun," Dehart said.

He said the punishment is too harsh.

"He could possibly face criminal charges. That could possibly affect him all the way up until he's 17," Dehart said.

Wiley disagrees.

"Even though it's a toy gun. Okay, apparently this time it was a toy gun. What's next?" Wiley said. "They're more at risk now than when I went to school in the 80's and 90's."

Wiley said the school should have told parents sooner.

"It's not right what this kid did and you know, okay, criminal charges, that's fine; but let the parents know," Wiley said.

3News reached out Thursday to Beeville ISD by phone, email and in person about the incident, but were told no one was available to speak about the incident.

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