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Black History Matters. Simoné Simpson talks representation, creating Black History Month Forum on Domingo Live

In honor of Black History Month, our 3NEWS team brought together a panel of speakers to discuss the Coastal Bend black community's future and legacy.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Talking about race is always uncomfortable, especially when it feels like there's nothing to discuss. 

Didn't racism end when the Civil Rights Act was passed into law in 1964; when we elected the first black president in 2008; when George Floyd's killers were sent to prison in 2022; when the Tyre Nichols case gained media attention a few weeks ago?

The simple answer is: no. Without a proper discussion about the nuances of our own racial biases and prejudices, we can never hope to see the end of racism as we now know it. 

This discussion begins with learning about the black experience; namely, how the black community experiences life in the Hispanic-majority Coastal Bend. This Black History Month, our 3NEWS team sought to do just that with Black History Matters: 3NEWS' Black History Month Forum.

3NEWS' Simoné Simpson joined us live to discuss the process of creating the Black History Matters forum, as well as the importance of representation.

"I hope that viewers take away learning a new perspective," Simpson said. "Each of our life experiences are so important, and we all show value."

The Black History Matters forum is available online on YouTube and 3NEWS+.

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