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'Look what we created!" Dorian Green, owner of DGreenFilmz, building on success of making music videos

Green has burst onto the hip-hop scene working with artist like Wiz Khalifa and Kash Money Vibes.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — When it comes to Black trendsetters and entrepreneurs in the Coastal Bend, Dorian Green is making his mark. He has burst onto the hip-hop scene working with artists like Wiz Khalifa and Kash Money Vibes. 

If you are looking for high energy, a vision and passion when it comes to shooting a music video... up-and-coming stars 'Peso Peso' and 'That Mexican Outta Texas' said Green is your man. 

"I love filming, and I love my kids, that's what motivates me to get up out of bed every morning," Green said. 

Green is a videographer and director and created DGreenFilmz ten years ago. In the last five years, he's exploded into the world of hip-hop after his work caught the attention of Houston rapper Maxo Kream. 

"He's signed to RCA Records, he's done multiple albums, he's very big-- one of the biggest stars I've worked with," Green said. 

The 32-year-old's good fortune started with a love of skateboarding. An unfortunate injury in his early 20s sidelined him, but gave him another passion.

"I broke my foot, so I picked up a camera and started filming my friends skating," Green said. 

That led to his first music video shoot. 

"And it has just been a whirlwind."

The King High School graduate did one year of criminal justice studies at Del Mar College, but quickly realized he had a chance to make a really good living filming the stars.

"I was on a tour bus with Maxo Kream for 2 and a half months, so, we really go to know each other."

Green was even hired by former San Antonio Spurs forward Danny Green to follow him around and shoot his life. 

His work takes him all over the country.

"From New York, Atlanta, LA, Miami... it's go go go."

He has been to Switzerland and also gets to guest lecture at UCLA in California. With all of that travel, he has been exposed to much of the good in people, but also the bad. He chooses to continue to lead by example. 

"I've always been tunnel vision. I know what I want. I know where I'm gonna go and the stuff that's happening in the world, I just kind of tune it out a little bit," Green said. "I do pay attention to it, but I'm just so set on where I wanna go and what I want to do that it just feel like nothing can stop me."

He said Black kids in the community have more opportunities than ever before and success is all about hard work and attitude. 

"10-15 years ago, you could say 'oh there isn't that much opportunity'. But now, I feel like there is really not that much of an excuse," Green said. "it's just, you got to go out there hit the pavement. You got to get it. White, brown, yellow, blue, red --it doesn't matter. You just need to find something you love and do it and stick with it all the way."

Green told 3NEWS his ultimate goal is to win an MTV Video Music Award. He also wants to open a local studio where he can train others on what he does, inspire kids and give back to the Coastal Bend community. You can check out some of his work here.

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