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'Hopefully I can be the start of the change': LynLashes owner works to break Black stereotypes

"As a Black woman, if you want to change that narrative, you have to change it within yourself," Timberlyn Powell said.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Timberlynn Powell knows lashes. She also knows that she wants to change the narrative surrounding the Black community. 

"Everyone hears the saying 'the mad or angry black woman' or 'they have a bad attitude' and 'they have this or that'," Powell said. "And honestly, as a Black woman, if you want to change that narrative, you have to change it within yourself."

Powell, 24, has poured her heart and soul into the craft of opening her business LynLashes, which is off SPID in Flour Bluff. 

"I started this with $200," Powell said. 

Powell graduated from Miller High School and instead of going the traditional college route, she enrolled in Aveda Institute of Cosmetology and graduated an esthetician. 

"I built this all myself. I put myself through school, I paid for everything, I didn't take out any loans," Powell said. 

She just celebrated a year at her shop and was able to hire two new employees. 

"Obviously, I am young and I want them to take me seriously," Powell said. "I definitely try to be uplifting and teach them like, 'man. I'm there for you guys, we're a team, we're a unit."

She hopes her business can be an example to others, especially when it comes to race relations in South Texas.

"I feel like we don't work together, I'm going to be completely honest," Powell said. "I pray that hopefully I can be the start of the change, that we can come together in some way. I feel Corpus has the people to be diverse but not the attitude."

Powell has a 5-year-old daughter, Summerlyn, who reminds her of her mission everyday. 

"She keeps me on my toes," Powell said. "She always reminds me of my purpose for sure."

Her message to others, especially women, is one of positivity.

"Women are promoting working, women are up right now," Powell said. "Women are getting money. They're not at home, they're doing both. We're cooking and cleaning and working and taking care of our kids."

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