CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — An unfamiliar sea-creature has found it's way to our sands a little earlier than usual. Many people posted to Facebook their interactions with the Blue Dragon recently. Although it appears to be small, it can have a painful sting. Some say even worse than its prey, the Portuguese man o' war jellyfish.

"Instead of digesting the little sting shells in the Portuguese man o' wars, they actually move them out themselves and keep them and move them out to the little tips of cell, they call them, or antennas, legs if you will. And so they become little stingers themselves, they use em as self defense," Larry McKinney Seniorr Exectuive Director Harte Research Institute said.  

The Blue Dragons normally visit our waters later in the summer, but their recent popularity could be because of the warmer weather and water. McKinney warns that although they're nice to see, be sure to keep a distance.

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