PFLUGERVILLE, Texas — A Pflugerville girl battling a rare blood disease is about to get the help she needs to beat it.

Nine-year-old Camryn Anderson -- the daughter of Plugerville Police Sgt. Kurk Anderson -- suffers from aplastic anema and needs a bone marrow transplant because her bone marrow doesn't make blood cells anymore.

Her family launched a big campaign in September to get people to sign up to see if they could donate to her.

Now, they've found a match.

The Anderson family doesn't know much about the donor right now, but they do know the person is from the U.S.

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They said it's a step in the right direction.

"It's amazing. It's like a step that I've been waiting for since we started this whole process."

"I was happy and excited that it finally happened."

Camryn is scheduled to get her transplant in early January.

There will be a fundraiser at Chili's restaurants on Thursday, Dec. 6 to raise money to help the Anderson family cover medical costs.