Showing off animals at the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show isn't just a labor of love, but it's also about family.

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For instance, a brother and sister team from Bishop have been showing their animals together for years.

"It's really fun and you get really attached to them, and you learn a lot about life and how to deal with them," Taylor Goldman said.

Taylor and her brother Bryson have been showing animals for a long time.

"My older brother, he started doing it when he was in fourth grade, so I always used to go out there and watch him and see how he did it. I just got into it whenever I was in third grade," Taylor said. "We always have to wake up super early in the morning, feed them, pin them up; and then after school, we eat and then we go out there and feed them."

"Part of the biggest thing I've had to show her is how to set up for animals, like different feet, and place right," Bryson said.

Bryson and Taylor show their cattle each year at the livestock show and plan on going on to a larger livestock show.

"We're going to go to San Antonio, so the competition's a lot bigger there," Bryson said.

"It's tough. It's hard to know which one to root for," father Roger Goldman said. "We root for them both as a family. Family-friendly competition, but they do a good job."

While the two are close, it's not always smooth.

"We fight a lot so it's kind of, I don't know, she doesn't listen to me all the time," Bryson said.

While their dad agrees they have rough spots, he said it brings the whole family closer together.

"They really depend on each other. They're always there for each other," Roger said. "My daughter was telling me the other day they talk a lot more. They help each other out. Talking about school. Talking about life. A lot of times we're all together, and we spend a lot of time together in the truck throughout the shows, and it's a lot of family time."

Taylor said she enjoys getting her animals ready to show. Her brother has a lot of faith in his younger sister.

"She probably will beat me. Her animals are pretty good," Bryson said.

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