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Caregiver accused of stealing from elderly, ill Rockport residents arrested

Police had caught up with Aretha Davis once, but they say she escaped and led them on a chase.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Rockport Police say they have finally captured a Corpus Christi woman who escaped them once after reportedly preying on her elderly patients. 

Aretha Davis worked as a caregiver for elderly people, but instead of helping them, police say she helped herself to tens of thousands of their dollars.  

"Back in August 2022, Rockport PD began getting some police reports of some family members who were having -- these family members who are being cared for -- they were having some suspicious debit card and credit card charges coming out,” said Rockport Police Capt. Nathan Anderson. “A couple of times, we had some checks that were changed and forged, and a couple of these checks were changed and forged into the name Aretha Davis."

Rockport police finally caught up to Davis at the home of one of the elderly people she was hired to care for in Rockport.

Authorities say they had been looking for her since Aug. 30, when they surrounded her BMW and first tried to arrest her. But they say she wouldn't surrender and drove off.

They say she led police on a pursuit that they eventually had to call off for public safety.

Davis is now in the Aransas County Jail on a number of enhanced felony charges because all the cases involve victims over the age of 65. Those charges range from forgery to credit card abuse. Even Nueces County had warrants out for Davis’ arrest.

"She had numerous warrants from Nueces County, so she is being held on those warrants, as well," Anderson said.

One of Davis' supposed victims spoke with us, but she didn't want her name used or her face shown.

She told 3NEWS that Davis stole at least $22,000 from her. Davis was supposed to be caring for the 85-year-old woman's daughter who was wheelchair-bound.

"We hired Aretha Davis as a caretaker for her,” the woman said. “My vibes with her were not good to begin with, and I'm sorry I didn't pay attention to the vibes. But we were desperate so to speak, and she presented a very good résumé to us. She was certainly big enough to help move and lift and whatever need be."

Authorities say they are sure that there are more victims out there. That's why they want everyone to take a good look at her photograph.

If you recognize her, or her name, you are urged to call your local police or sheriff's department. Investigators believe you could be on the growing list of victims.

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