CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — C.C. Produce is doing its part to help those who recently lost their jobs due to the coronavirus as other businesses temporarily close their doors.

The business, located on North Port Avenue, has seen a surge in demand as they fill online orders for grocery deliveries. As a result, they are hiring.

"We just get orders daily," employee Brittany Esquivel said. "We just put everything in the boxes and bags and make sure everything is as clean as possible, get them ready for pickup."

Esquivel works at the company's warehouse on North Port Avenue. She said she was working as a server at a local restaurant until they were forced to close their doors, leaving her without a job.

That's when another opportunity presented itself.

"They just hired us on the spot," Esquivel said.

The family-owned business, which is used to providing quality produce to local restaurants, is now offering home deliveries for the elderly and those who are at risk and can't get out.

"We went from zero home deliveries to about 200-300 a day," owner John Powell said. "We think we can handle another 100-200 a day."

Powell said the company had to double its staff to keep up with demand. He said it was also important for them to hire those who recently lost their jobs, taking on servers and even those in the oil field.

"It's really great to help people who have bills coming up and rent is due, and to be able to buy food for their kids. We have a husband, wife here. They both got laid off. In order to help them stay working, safely, and also provide a service for people in the community who need it."

Powell said they are now hoping to purchase additional trucks and hire more drivers to keep up.

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